I just wanted you to know that those RSO tablets

have been the most effective I’ve ever seen for my mother. She has stage 4 terminal cancer and she has taken a tablet a day and nothing else and last night I saw my mamma dance for the first time post diagnosis (she was diagnosed in the summer of ‘06).


Today, she was able to clean and cook. I just wanted to say thank you again and i sincerely hope y’all get more recognition and end up in every dispensary in this state. Y’all deserve it.

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I took two 25mg tablets and the effects lasted

more than four hours. I notice a LACK of pain during that time. This worked even better than gummies.  The feeling is better.  I would like to use these as my major form of pain control.  Since starting medical marijuana I have decreased my anti-depressant by half.


I feel more connected to the world and less "stumbly".  I am once again more interested in my arts.  My fibromyalgia pain has decreased and my arthritis pain has become more manageable.  I can now actually move more like a human and less like an old woman.  LOL.

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